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Buy or Sell Your Car with Secure Payment
Be confident knowing you're 100% protected when buying online.
How does Secure Payment work?
In five easy steps, Secure Payment allows car buyers and sellers to negotiate safely and securely online.
Profiles Verified
The buyer and seller profiles are reviewed and verified by to help eliminate fraud risks.
Buyer & Seller Reach Agreement
The buyer and seller discuss purchase details online.
Payment Begins with
The buyer sends their full payment for the vehicle to to be held until the transaction is complete.
Vehicle Inspection
When the inspection is complete, the buyer now can accept or reject the vehicle purchase.
Transaction Complete!
Once buyer accepts, the funds are released via and the transaction is complete.
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Why Use Secure Payment
We verify profiles, funds, monitor the exchange of payment and ensure the entire car transaction is completed hassle-free.
  • Fraud Protection - Both buyers and sellers go through rigorous profile verification. Sellers are protected from illegitimate buyers. And buyers have the ability to inspect the car before accepting.
  • Secured Funds Guaranteed - During the negotiation process, the funds are kept protected with until the transaction is complete, giving the buyer peace of mind knowing their funds are safe.
  • Support - We assist you throughout the buying and selling process, so that your experience is simple and hassle-free.
  • Low Fees - It's easy to get a Secure Payment with our low minimum fees. Check out our Fee Calculator
Frequently Asked Questions is the recommended payment system online where users can buy and sell vehicles securely and safely. It also protects and verify funds during the transaction process.

Secure Payment is a five-step process. It protects the seller by verifying funds and protects the buyer by allowing inspection of the vehicle before funds are disbursed. takes several steps to protect both the buyer and seller against fraud:

  1. Both the buyer and the seller are verified.
  2. All payments by the buyer are verified as "good funds" before the seller is instructed to ship.
  3. If the vehicle is fraudulent, it gives the buyer the chance to return it to the seller without funds being released.

It depends upon:

  1. The inspection period agreed upon by both parties.
  2. The buyer's payment method.

Although we offer telephone and email support, the safest way to check the status of your transaction is to sign into After signing in, you can access your transaction summary page where you can view the progress of all your active transactions.

Your funds remain in an secured escrow non-interest bearing trust account until the transaction concludes. may release funds to the seller after the inspection period has ended. The inspection period is agreed upon by both parties and begins when the buyer confirms receipt of the vehicle or confirms delivery of merchandise.

In the event the inspection period expires without the buyer accepting or rejecting the vehicle, a 24-hour notice will be sent to the buyer. Funds are released to the seller the same or next business day after successful completion of a transaction and upon verification by

Typically, funds are disbursed the same or next business day following the completion of the transaction.

When a buyer uses a credit card or PayPal for payment, there is a three-business day hold before funds reach trust account and can be sent to the seller. This is a requirement with license since the buyer's funds must be in the escrow account before being released.

If you would like to get in touch with the team, please email Customer Service at or use the contact form online.

Wire transfers are processed when received into the trust account. International wires typically take three to five business days to reach an account.

Credit card and PayPal payments are processed the same or next business day. only processes payments during business hours, Monday through Friday, from 8:00am to 11:00pm (PDT/PST).

Both the buyer and seller pay fees to Check out our fee calculator to find out more.

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Prior to the agreement of terms by both parties, the buyer or seller can cancel the transaction by clicking the cancel button on the transaction detail screen on

After both parties have confirmed transaction details in the Agreement phase, either party may cancel the transaction, only if has not received the buyer's funds, by sending an email request to After funds are secured, the cancellation of a transaction can only be done by after notifying both parties.

Changes can be made on the transaction detail screen after signing into only when the status is waiting for the buyer or seller o agree.

If you are waiting for the other party to agree, only that party has access to the "modify" button. Once both parties have agreed to the terms, they must email their change requests to Changes after the terms have been agreed to must have the consent of both the buyer and the seller; and cannot supersede our general escrow instructions.

Arrangements can be made to accept funds from financing institutions. Please verify with the financing institution whether payment can be made to a third party such as before beginning the transaction.

Definitely. You and your transaction are protected every step of the process, thanks to the stringent logging, tracking, and verification procedures.

Yes. Even though there have been widespread reports of Internet fraud in the past few years, the reports attribute most of the fraud to card information stolen the old-fashioned way: by telemarketers, from mailboxes, and at places of purchase, such as restaurants and stores. In most cases, credit card information used on websites is seen by fewer eyes than the same information used at your local restaurant, thus fraud occurs less between a legitimate consumer and a merchant.

Stay Protected 24/7
AT we want to help you along your car buying or selling journey from beginning to end. To help you stay protected, check out our Fraud Awareness Tip page to stay informed and help us stop fraud.